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Kids Club ActivitiesThe Sustainable Mechanism for Improving Livelihood and Household Empowerment (SMILE) Project supported by Catholic Relief Services and funded by United States Agency for International Development is being implemented by TYECE with the mandate to support over 7000 OVC and 1750 household with the goal of improving their quality of life

Teens and Youth Educational and Capacity Enhancement (TYECE)


Teens and Youth Empowerment and Capacity Enhancement (TYECE) is a non Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by Mrs. Bernadette Aipoh out of passion for the less privileged in the society in 1997, and was officially registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria in February 2005. Since then, the organization has been in the fore front in development issues.

TYECE recognizes the fact that the Youth and women are the core of every nations development for this reason, the organization has channeling channeling its available work force and resources into building a better tomorrow by investing in lives of these ones. Providing them with all round education; (Academic, Sexual and Reproductive Health, & Income Generating Activities) to enhancing their capacity, TYECE has been able to reach a significant number of individuals in her various thematic areas.


Our Mission

To promote the holistic development of the less privileged, especially teens and youth, for self actualization through social, moral and mental, interactive programs

Our Vision

TYECE envisages an improved, qualitative life for children, youth, women and the less privileged in general through capacity enhancement programs, and in collaboration with other agencies / bodies that support same, create an enabling environment where these ones could exercise unhindered rights in respect to education, health and poverty eradication.

Our Values

  • Corporate Objectives To rehabilitate wayward youths and instill behavioral change.
  • To initiate Programmes for the welfare of the youths and teenagers through Education and training for self Sustenance and self – dependence.
  • To organize periodic programmes such as talks, workshops, camp meetings, for teens and youths.
  • To run scholarship programmes for indigent teens and youths.
  • To lead teens and youths to God through religious programmes
  • To give them a sense of belonging and self worth, build in them the confidence to pursue life with objectivity and hope
  • To conduct seminars and trainings for youths and women on skills acquisition towards self development, safety and development.
  • To undertake any other endeavor that will facilitate the realization of the foregoing objectives.
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